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We do not have a set price on any of our decorations. We understand that no two parties are alike because every venue is different as is the budget and taste of each of our clients. We do not dictate to our clients, how much they must spend to make their events fabulous. Our clients decide what budget is appropriate for them and we find a way to give their event as much WOW factor as possible within that budget.

We do not offer packages. Packages do not reflect the individual tastes of our clients and is basically a cookie cutter method that is a easy sell and does not require any creativity from the decorator.

We have worked in most of the venues in DC, Suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia. Once we know what your venue, budget and theme are, we can come up with a design to make you fall in love with your party.

We do not require minimums. You can have balloons delivered and arrange them yourself or have us take care of the delivery as well as the complete set up of the decorations. There are many options to choose from. Go to the advice page and fill out the form and let us know what your needs are. If the date is available, we will provide you with exactly what you want for your party.

Delivery charges start at $35.00 and up depending on the location of your venue and what is being delivered..

Delivery and set up charges start at $75.00 and up depending on the location of your venue and the amount of set up time and labor that is required for the decorations.

We can set up decorations and other items that clients make themselves or purchase elsewhere for an additional fee.

Let us take care of the stress of creating a party to remember so you can enjoy yourself like a guest at your own event.

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