Lighted Columns with
a modified Canopy
Full Canopy with Lights

Lighted Spiral Columns topped with a
3' gumball on either side of the DJ

Criss CrossArch es of Silver Stars attached to Spiral Columns

Modified Canopy
over the Dance Floor
Modified Canopy

Modified Canopy

Rental Palm Trees with Lights and Balloon Bubbles with Lights

Balloon Palm Trees

Western Theme Balloon Buddies

Strings of blue rice lights hung from the ceiling over the dance floor

Custom Logos for Dance Floor

Fully Covered Dance Floor with Logo

Hockey Rink Dance Floor

 Logo Design for Entrance Floor
College Basketball Theme

Colorful Ceiling Balloons

Silk Lanterns
Hung over the Cocktail Area

Helium filled 3' Balloons with ribbon over the Dance Floor

Kites Over the Dance Floor

Balloon and Streamer Buddies
Over the Dance Floor

Strings of White Rice Lights
Hanging over the Dance Floor

Balloon Buddies

Balloon and Streamer Buddies

Streamer and Balloon Buddies

Topiaries Hanging from Ceiling

Japanese Paper Lanterns 
Hanging from Ceiling

Beachballs Hanging from the Ceiling

Fish, streamer and Bubble Light Buddies

3' Agates with Metallic Streamers

4.5', 6' and 8' Cloudbusters 
hanging from the Ceiling

Fabric Draping
Ceiling covered with balloons

Lanterns hanging from ceiling

Champagne Bubble Balloons

260 Bursts with light string