BeachPail Centerpiece
Rabbit in a Hat
Magic Centerpiece

Rabbit in a Hat Magic Centerpiece Version 2
Jazz Centerpiece
Popcorn Bucket Centerpiece
with mini Movie Poster
Island Palm Tree Centerpiece
Mini Smiley Face Centerpiece
Candy Centerpiece 
with mini candy bars 
displayed at the base

Betta Fish swimming among
Submersed orchids in a Pilsner Vase

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece with Lighted Base covered in Spandex
Tropical Floral Centerpiece
Shirt Stand Centerpiece
Movie Theme- Clapboard Centerpiece

Poster Side

Broadway Centerpiece 
2 level with Large Poster

Silver Rose Vase with TableSign

Broadway Centerpiece 
One Level with small Poster
Exotic Car Theme 
2 level with double sided poster red neon rope light swirled up the column 

Candy Cake Centerpiece

Domino Centerpiece
Harry Potter Centerpiece
Golf Centerpiece

Lamp shade Centerpiece with crystals in clear cylinder vase


Glow Stick Spray Centerpiece
Flower Pot base with Butterflies
Jumbo Baseball Centerpiece
on Pedestal

Light Globe Centerpiece
Travel theme Centerpiece
Floating Candle Centerpiece
3 Levels
Mickey Mouse Centerpiece
 Photo Blossom Centerpiece
Movie Centerpiece
without Clapboard

Trifold Box with an Image
on each Panel
Bow Centerpiece

2 Level Centerpiece
with NFL Team logo topper
2 Level James Bond Centerpiece
Double Sided Basketball Hoop
2 level Centerpiece
with White Lights
Tall Oscar Centerpiece
with White Lights
Computer Themed Centerpiece
Tall Centerpiece with
White Birch Branches with lights
Baseball and Mitt Centerpiece
Ski Theme Centerpiece
with Lighted base

Baseball Bat Centerpiece
ipod Centerpiece
2 levels on clear tube spiral wrapped with neon rope light

Football Centerpiece

Basketball Centerpiece

Deluxe Weight

Cluster Base

Basic Weight
Movie Centerpiece Popcorn bucket with Movie Poster and Table number
Simple Mardi Gras Feather Mask and Beads Centerpiece
Domino spiral centerpiece
ipod centerpiece
Harry Potter Centerpiece
Centerpiece with wrapped donation items and custom sign
Basketball wrapped in cello with
team logo sign
Shells and Candles - Shallow
Shells and Candles - 
3 tier with suspended shells
3 Column Candy  Centerpiece
Silhouette Centerpiece
Blossom Centerpiece 
Hockey Theme

Illuminated Glass Cube with
logo/photos on each side